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Welcome to this Month's Creative Writing Challenge!
NOTE: Winners will be featured on our blog on May 12, 2017. Good luck and happy writing!

Deadline: April 30, 2017 | 11:59pm EST


After the billionaire widow, Claudia Beker, was diagnosed with a terminal illness, her closest relatives began to experience a string of seemingly unrelated deaths. Her grandson, James, was mugged and shot on the streets of New York, while his twin sister, Milly, took a nasty fall in the shower. Their parents and younger siblings died in a tragic car accident while driving home from a ski trip. This left only one known heir to Claudia Becker’s estate; Jason Becker. As far as Jason knew, he would either die or receive a large inheritance. During Claudia’s final days Jason went to consult with her attorney who seemed a little too helpful and a little too interested in Jason’s personal life. As suspicion grows, Jason must hide his theory until he uncovers evidence that the attorney is behind the deaths of his family in a plot to gain Claudia’s money.

Possible Direction:
Create a dialogue in which Jason is playing a game of wits with the attorney in order to get the attorney to reveal his devious intentions.

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