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Welcome to this Month's Creative Writing Challenge!
NOTE: Winners will be featured on our blog on August 11, 2017. Good luck and happy writing!

Deadline: July 31, 2017 | 11:59pm EST

Summer Camp

Jason stood at the door of the his rickety cabin, watching his parents walk towards the car. They were really going to leave him here, he thought, in the middle of the woods, without even a cell phone to reach the outside world. They turned only once to give him a passing waive and then they were gone.
“Why don’t you come join us,” a voice called out from inside. We’re about to sing some camp songs”
Jason glanced back towards the darkness of the cabin. This place gave him the creeps. Who in there right mind would want to camp out in the woods and sing songs? Especially in these woods. He’s heard all the stories, and even though his parents swear they’re not true, he’s not buying it.
With a deep sigh, he went to join the rest of the kids. It’s only a week. What could possible go wrong in a week?

Possible Direction:
Write a short story about Jason’s week at summer camp for a chance to have your story featured on our blog. Good luck and happy writing!

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