What’s Our Motivation? .. What is “Literative” anyway?

We challenge authors of all skill levels to keep writing.

Anyone who is an avid reader or an aspiring author, a great listener or a movie lover, knows the value of a good story. Stories help shape how we view and relate to the world around us. Stories keep us company when we’re lonely and make us laugh when we’re sad. Stories teach us and challenge us to think differently; to act differently. Everyone has a story to share. Everyone has something valuable to say. But sometimes they simply need a little motivation, a little encouragement, or “a little prompt” in order to get started.

If a bear were an author, then we’d help that bear write stories too.

That’s where we come in. We want to create a place that challenges people to keep writing. We want to see brilliance on a page and we want to reward our writers for that brilliance. We hope that this little site will continue to grow and develop into a space where writers of all skill levels can come to learn and share.

More about what Literative Does…

Here @Literative, we believe that everyone has the potential to write an amazing story. Unfortunately, life can sometimes get in the way. That’s why it’s our writing prompt contests hope to inspire you to explore new ways of creating a good story by offering challenging writing prompts, skills-based contests, and educational resources for writers of all interests and abilities. So don’t keep putting off your literary dreams! Come write with us!

In a nutshell, Literative is an online community for fiction writers to co-author novels with other members, to discuss & review books, to learn about self-publishing / grammar, and ultimately to get stories told, shared, and inspired. Could this change in the future? Possibly, but we’ll always strive to keep you inspired as an author. Are our judgements fair? I think our contest winners would think so… 😀


I haven’t written in years. Your prompts give me the chance to create stories I didn’t know I had inside me. I’m always excited to see what newest prompt is!
~ Recent Writing Prompt Winner

I enjoy what is being done on this site. I think it encourages writers of all genres to exercise their imaginations and think outside of their comfort zone if they wish to participate in the contests.
~ Recent Writing Prompt Winner

I love Literative and am honored to have won the first contest I entered. The photo prompts are very inspiring!
~ Recent Writing Prompt Winner

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