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Winner of the Abecedarian Poetry Contest!

Rachel Richey Writing Prompt Contest Winners

Last week, we asked writers if they could create a poem using the abecedarian poetry form. It’s an ancient style of poetry in which each new line or stanza begins with a successive letter of the alphabet.

We had many entertaining and creative entries, but the winning poetry contest entry this week belongs to Emily Sauer! Congrats on your second win at Literative Emily!

A Tribute to Masters

By Emily Sauer

All, all are sleeping on the hill,
below the earth, beneath the sky they
cannot see, cannot see but darkness.

Deep down below,
each body lies,
forgotten by the world.

Generations have come and gone,
histories have been written and forgotten.

I watch them now, as they sleep,
juxtaposed against a fiery sky.
keeping track of their markers.

Let their names be remembered,
may their stories be told,
no soul is alone forever.

Open your eyes,
peer deep within yourself.

Question what you do not know,
remember the dead,
soon you’ll be among them.

Turning, turning, turning, earth moves
unceasing, unending.

Very soon, your time, my time
will come. And a small
X will be the marker of our lives.

You must not forget the dead, for as
Zed ends the alphabet, forgotten memories
eradicate their life.

Emily was inspired by Edgar Lee Master’s Spoon River Anthology. The first line is from the first poem titled “The Hill.”

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