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Writing is a craft that takes practice. Writing for several years often times means you need to write for several more. The good news is that writing workshops make the process smoother. They provide a safe haven for writers to improve their skill set and make connections with other writers.

However, not all writing workshops are in person. Many of them, especially free ones, are online. This can prove extra helpful for writers who already feel like they don’t have enough time.

Gotham Writer’s Workshop

Gotham Writers is a well-known workshop provided by accredited instructors around the world. The entire website is a workshop, so writers are encouraged to try out whatever suits their individual needs. Articles on blogging basics, fiction writing and even memoir writing can be found on Gotham Writers.

They also feature books, and classes, which aren’t free, but they’re relatively inexpensive compared to an average college class. For instance, Fiction Writers in Level One, a course for ten weeks, is $399 online. If you live in NYC, you can attend in person for $425.

SFF Writer’s Workshop

Science fiction and fantasy writers can attend the SFF Writer’s Workshop. It’s not free, but they offer a community for writers, reviews, professional input and an informational blog filled with useful information. For writers looking to post their stories and submit them for critique from professionals, this is an invaluable tool.

For $49 a year, you can get access to everything. It beats the monthly price of $6 when you sign up for longer time.

Tinker Mountain

The Tinker Mountain Writers’ Workshop by Hollins University is open to any writer trying to improve their skills. It is especially encouraged for new writers and those who are working on an on-going project, like a novel.

There are several workshops to choose from, each on lasting eight weeks. Poetry, fiction writing and memoir writing, to be specific. However, these are noncredited classes, so they take place a few months out of the year. Remember to consult the website for more details.


Much like sports, painting, and sketching, writing is a craft that takes practice. It isn’t easy, but writers should be dedicating ample amounts of time to memoirs, writing stories, and developing characters. More than a hobby, or career, it should be a way of life. And writing workshops can help make the process easier.

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