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Have you ever thought about attending a writer’s conference? Terry Whalin, writer of “Attend a Writer’s Conference?” wants you to ponder the question. To further direct you toward your preferred trip planning resource, he argues that his opportunities have come as a result of conferences:

“We work with people that we know, like and trust–have a relationship. Relationships are formed and developed at conferences. I’ve written over 60 books and for more than 50 magazines. The roots of those books and magazines came from meeting an editor or agent at an event. My first book–a children’s book with David C. Cook–happened because I met an editor at a conference.”

Some Reminders

However, attending a conference isn’t enough. It’s the act of consistently attending conferences that really makes you “good” at attending them. The more you go to, the more people you meet, the more you know what to expect, and how long to be there for. Yes, even attending conferences requires practice.

Think of each trip as an investment. You invest time and money, effort and social skill into it in the hopes of meeting an agent or editor. Study these people ahead of time, and see what type of writing they want to publish. Only strive to meet people in line with your style, to maximize results. Exchange business cards with as many people as you can. And when it’s all said and done, follow-up with them through email or social media. Follow through on the requests while you’re still fresh in their minds. If someone wants a magazine article from you, do it ASAP.


So, yes, conferences are worth it. Whalin makes a great point, that major opportunities can come from conferences. Magazine articles, books and more. However, you can’t expect to attend one conference and get immediate results. It’s a consistent endeavor,  one that takes practice and mastery. If you can manage it, you may also reap the rewards.

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