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What started as a test app on Instagram has become something of a student writer and freelancer staple. Work Hard Anywhere is geared toward those who work beyond the corporate cubicle. Whether in your hometown, or in a foreign city, you can find the perfect spot to work in by using their app. The spots range between libraries to cafés with top-rated coffee, and of course excellent Wi-Fi.

It’s apps like these that make it possible for writers to work efficiently regardless of any possible household distractions. It’s a renovators dream, as well as convenient for those who have to share their workspace at home and find it distracting. With more and more freelancers every year, as well as writers and students, it’s no wonder the Work Hard Anywhere app has blossomed through community help.


Work Hard Anywhere started as an incomplete app—yet was promoted on Instagram. It’s follower base quickly grew as more entrepreneurs got word of it. It currently has approximately 53.8 thousand followers, and has been featured on websites like Forbes and Uncrate. The beauty of the app is that it was tested by the people that were interested in using it once it was completed. This means it was developed by users, for users. By rewarding the community with giveaways and photography contests, Work Hard Anywhere made the whole experience dynamic for everyone involved.

With more people using it, especially now that it’s completed, the app has become much more efficient. The way it works is pretty simple: everyone who works remotely uses the app to track the latest locations that they find. Then they rate them based on how great their Wi-Fi is, how cheap the coffee is, and the odds of finding a seat. Once everyone adds in even just 10 places, the app begins to expand and become even more useful. It currently features over 10,000 spots worldwide, but it began by pinpointing locations solely in California.

Even just a year ago, Work Hard Anywhere barely covered crucial areas, like the nation’s capital. These days there’s well over 100 locations pinpointed in the area within the app. This means Work Hard Anywhere has expanded, and it will keep expanding into all areas of the world. With this great potential for growth, more users will have the ease of access regardless of their location.


However, no app is perfect. Work Hard Anywhere maybe useful, but it is entirely relying on community experience and use. Even though it makes it much more personalized, ultimately it is opinion based. Just because one freelancer rates a café poorly, doesn’t mean that another freelancer doesn’t think it’s the most amazing café on earth.

Also, because it is community-based, if enough users stop using the app, it could become dated and stop growing. Furthermore, while it already features a significant amount of locations throughout the world, it might not be enough in certain areas. For instance, if you live in a rather remote area that isn’t heavily populated, you’re going to have a difficult time finding Work Hard Anywhere useful.

The Verdict

Work Hard Anywhere makes it easy for writers, freelancers, students and entrepreneurs to find a place to work from remotely. If your home is being renovated, or if you live with an annoying roommate, Work Hard Anywhere is for you. The app was created by freelancers for everyone who can’t stand the corporate cubicle. It is a way to unite the remote community, and to work efficiently while drinking a good cup of coffee in a very big, fancy mug. If you freelance for a living, or just need another spot other than your apartment to get work done, you might want to consider Work Hard Anywhere. Available for free on iPhone only. The Android version is currently in development.

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