Anna Celeste Burke - A Dead Husband

Interview With Author Interview with Anna Celeste Burke

Here at Literative, we enjoy spotlighting authors and their works, in the hopes of not only promoting their work, but also of inspiring up-and-coming writers. This week, we’re focusing on Anna Celeste Burke, author of the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Series. Surprisingly, her journey as an author began in her second year of graduate school, publishing scholarly journal articles.

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Author Interview: Wade Fransson

Here at Literative, we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a number of talented and intriguing authors. People who have carved their way into the writing world and persist on staying in it (and do it so well, mind you). However, none of them have been quite like Wade Fransson. Unusual life, diverse background, and kidnapping are just three of the

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Author Interview: Julie Ann Hacker

We love conducting author interviews here at Literative. It allows us to showcase amazing authors and help our readers learn something new. This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing the talented Julie Ann Hacker, author of The Dead Dance Faster series. She writes both fiction and nonfiction and devotes time to her blog, which focuses on help people with depression. A force to

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RED-A Love Story-cover-collet

Author Interview: Nicole Anne Collet

As you probably know by now, we enjoy conducting author interviews and are pleased to have been able to interview so many authors thus far. However, we have to say, this one will be rather hard to top. This week’s author interview made our jaws drop, because it was no longer a simple, direct answer to our questions: it was

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Madeline Ashby - Literative

Author Interview: Madeline Ashby

The beauty that is Twitter never ceases to amaze us, here at Literative. In fact, if you haven’t already, we suggest reaching out to people you admire, authors you read, and people who could potentially guest star in one of your endeavors. We say this because we recently found Madeline Ashby, writer of The Machine Dynasty series, on Twitter. We

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Russ Pitts - Literative

Author Interview: Russ Pitts

For this week’s Author Interview, we had the chance to get to know Russ Pitts, the author, filmmaker, and more. The author of three books, this media producer has written 3,000 words a day and has made friends in the gaming industry. Oh, and did we mention he’s produced his own plays? Going into the interview, we knew it would be

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Author Interview Vaughn McNeill - Literative

Author Interview: Vaughn J McNeill

As you may know by now, every month or so, we love to interview authors. These are people with published books on Amazon and/or bookstores, who have something to share with their readers. It could be valuable stories that help writers grow, or it could be some simple, much-needed advice. Because we all know being an author isn’t for the faint

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Author Interview: Saim Cheeda

This month, we’re trying something new and meaningful for all up-and-coming authors: we interviewed an aspiring author who launched his title debut and didn’t quit his day job as an accountant. Surprise, he did it the smart way! It is our hope that through this interview Saim Cheeda not only expands his readership, but that bookworms out there have another amazing author to

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Author Interview: R.A. Akerlund

Authors come in many varieties, from the thoroughly literary type to the more enthusiast inclined. R.A. Akerlund is the rocker kind, formerly in a band. It’s evident in the guitar pick on her site. It’s noticeable in her 1960’s-reminiscent book cover for I Am Ed. After selling her “soul out to MTV” for a little while, she took to writing

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Author interview

Author Interview: R.K. Gold

Author R.K. Gold took time out of his busy schedule to interview with Literative. Most recently, he’s released his thriller novel, Brinwood—a story with heavily religious undertones. Gold’s literary journey began after he survived a horrific car accident, and realized life can end at any moment. That it is simply much too unpredictable to not be passionate about what you

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Matthew Drabble, Gated

Author Interview: Matthew Drabble

This week, we got to sit down with the Gated author, Matthew Drabble. He’s published 13 books so far, with one set to release this December! Readers are in for a treat. Not only is Drabble interesting, he is a source of inspiration. A sufferer of A.S. he used it as an opportunity to hit the ground running with his writing.

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Author Interview: Melissa Goodrich

This writer hasn’t written any novels yet, and she’s actually intimidated by the whole process. However, she’s not someone we wanted to pass up the chance to interview. Melissa Goodrich is an amazing writer and author of Daughters of Monsters, a 199 page short story collection. She’s taught creative writing, composition, and humanities at the University of Arizona, Desert ROSE, and

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