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Happy Friday the 13th everyone! We hope your day is filled with only the best of luck. And to start out your day right, why not check out our winning poem from last week’s contest! Congratulations go to Joshua Randolph! Check out the prompt and the winning entry below.

It’s time for this month’s poetry contest! This time around, we’re challenging you to create a poem using all of the words on this list. The poem can touch on any topic but you must include every single one of these words!
Word List:

By Joshua Randolph

The night was cold and lonesome,
but the sky was clear and crisp.
The moonlight illuminated the street,
as his breath escaped in wisps.

He momentarily thought of her,
rigid and unwavering.
The decision had not been easy,
it required much laboring.

He had been cast out of her life,
the prickly feeling of guilt.
Why could he not remain a part,
Like the batting in her quilt?

He did not feel like going home,
So chanced his path by the club.
Perhaps tonight with whiskey and gin,
The memories he could scrub.

Feeling nothing but torment now,
the warm embrace of liquor.
Hitting him like a late-night train,
Reality set in quicker.

The booze would assist him,
momentary reprieve.
In the morning, he knew that this,
the pain could not relieve.

He could find no way to assist,
She cast him into the night.
Sadly he looked back now,
Knowing in his heart what was right.

If only he had listened,
Perhaps not been so cold.
Maybe learning his lesson,
When last she did him scold.

Leaving quite inebriated,
his stomach could take no more.
He made his way back home,
and passed out on the floor.

Josh is a writer, knitter, and photographer who’s  currently working on his NaNoWriMo project. For more of Josh’s work, stop in and check out his blog, Arguments for Reason or check out his previous winning poem, “The Black Cat.”

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