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Winner of A Dog’s Life Fiction Writing Prompt Contest!

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It’s that time again! Time to announce the winner of our weekly short story competition! Last week we asked writers to create a story from the perspective of man’s best friend, those funny, furry, four-legged creatures that seem to love us unconditionally despite all of our faults.

The winning entry comes to us from Juliet Wilson, who gave us a sweet and humorous glimpse into the life of one hardworking canine. Congrats Juliet and thanks for your entry!

A Dog’s Life

by Juliet Wilson

It was Fifi’s proudest moment. All those hours of looking cute would finally pay off. She had always known that seventy percent of the people coming into the shop only came in to pet her and ninety percent of them left having bought a kitchen.

Without her the shop would be nothing. And now finally she would get her reward.

Rachel, her owner had spent even longer than usual that morning grooming Fifi and stroking her long fur.

“Oh Fifi” Rachel said “I’m so proud of you!”

She fed the dog some biscuits then picked her up and took her to the door.

“We’re off to sell some kitchens, Fifi my sweet!”

Fifi shook her body as Rachel put her down on the shop floor. She knew she had work to do and trotted to the door, where she stood, her head at just the right angle, her big brown eyes pleading.

“Already at work I see!” Gareth the manager pointed at Fifi.

“She never stops does she?” Rachel said.

“Will three o-clock be okay?”

“Actually can we make it three minutes past?” Rachel asked then clapped her hands “I’m so excited about all this!”

Fifi stood at the door for most of the day. When people came into the shop, she would accompany them round the displays and help them to decide which design and colour would most match their home and their lifestyle. If they seemed to doubt they needed a kitchen after all, Fifi would put all her emotion into her big brown eyes and generally that would clinch the sale.

Not everyone came into the shop. Fifi recognised the local poet, who never came in, but always stopped to say hello. Fifi could sense the poet’s knowledge of the dog’s power and she felt proud to be recognised this way. She imagined holding a poetry reading in the shop, where the poet would extol the beauty and skills of Fifi, the most remarkable dog in the world.

Sadly, the poet never came into the shop.

At three o’clock, Fifi was curled up on her chair, having a three-minute snooze as she did every day. She was a great believer in power napping.

At three minutes past three, Fifi woke up and shook herself. Gareth stood over her.

“Well little Fifi darling, it’s your moment now!”

Rachel picked Fifi up and joined all the other employees in the back room. Bunting hanging from the ceiling spelled out ‘Congratulations Fifi!”.

Fifi looked round in delight as all the employees gathered round to pat her and feed her tasty bites. Then someone she had never seen in the shop before came up to her and patter her head. The local poet! So Rachel had read Fifi’s thoughts after all! They were going to have a poetry reading! Fifi put her head on one side and looked lovingly at the poet. In return for the poetry, Fifi would generously allow the poet to leave the store without buying a kitchen. The poet smiled and tickled Fifi under the chin.

A young woman poured out champagne and Gareth and Rachel passed the glasses round. Then Gareth called for attention.

“Thanks for gathering here today” he said “I think for a long time we’ve all known that Fifi is the most important member of staff in this shop. So we’ve commissioned the local poet to write some poetry celebrating Fifi, but first we have a presentation to make to our favourite dog!”

Everyone clapped. Fifi looked round from Rachel’s arms and wagged her tail. Gareth approached and placed a pink ribbon round Fifi’s neck.

“Congratulations to our Employee of the Year!” he fed Fifi some tasty bites.

Everyone applauded.

The poet read her poems, which made Fifi very happy. She was even happier when she overheard the poet as she left the shop:

“Yes, I’ll have that kitchen after all!”


For more of Juliet’s work, check out her website, Crafty Green Poet, or follow her on twitter @craftygreenpoet.


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