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It may not seem like much of a writer’s resource, but it’s the biggest one: motivation. Every writer, successful or not, needs to be motivated in order to write his/her next novel, short story, play, game, show or film. But how can that be the case when most writers feel underpaid, unsuccessful, and unappreciated? Surely, there must be avenues they can use where these obstacles are made to feel like fuel, rather than the inevitable disappointment?


The first of these motivational tools is Twitter. Yes, Twitter—the social media that caters to businesses, celebrities, publishers, authors, bloggers, and more. Join in, follow people like Novelicious, or Jon Winokur’s @AdviceToWriters, and watch your feed get filled with motivational quotes by famous authors themselves. Oh, and don’t forget to follow the Mother, @jk_rowling.


Go ahead, crack the jokes that you’ll pin 10,000 recipes and not try a single one. Arts and crafts you’ll never try, because whenever you have, it’s come out poorly. Wedding ideas your wedding won’t be lavish enough to accommodate or justify the level of work for each handmade gift bag.

But guess what? Pinterest can be useful after all. By creating a motivational board, you can simply click it open whenever you need a boost. Once Pinterest notices your interests, it’ll suggest other quotes to add to your board too.


The thing about Tumblr that most people don’t understand is that it is much like Pinterest and Twitter, only combined. You follow several people, much like on Twitter, but you have one board, kind of like Pinterest. On that board, you have your blog, and you can post your own content, or pin other people’s content.

That means if you follow writers, publishers, and other people you admire, you can pin their content on yours, and create your own motivational board there too.

Now, that being said, Tumblr is very artsy, with a large artistic following. Be prepared for your board to be filled with inspiration, as well as motivation.

Other Writers

Motivation should go beyond your laptop, tablet, phone, or desktop. Sure, it’s nice to have that motivation pulled up while writing, but…what about in the real world? Motivation from people you actually know, or better yet, other writers?

A writer can only survive among the pages, or among friends. If you don’t already have a group of writer friends, make sure to get some. Try coffee shops and bookstores. Writer workshops, or advanced writing courses, if you’re still in school. That sense of comradery, and being able to elaborate on the technicalities of writing with someone who actually understands, is worth more than a few thousand words.

Literative Forums

Yes, we’ll do some shameless self-promotion here: Literative forums are the perfect place to get cracking on writing. There’s a spot for story writing, and even coffee shop talk, where you can discuss anything. Literative writers frequent the boards, so you’ll be talking to other writers! Motivation is abundant, and reading about the doubts, turmoils, and successes of writing is a given around the Literative forums.


Writers have a lot to deal with: the actual writing, which can be grueling, being underpaid and unappreciated, etc. The list goes on. One of the few things that keeps writers going, other than inspiration, is motivation. It keeps the fire burning, it keeps the story alive. And finding it isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Something as simple as the right social media can provide a much needed boost.

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