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Writers aren’t like most people. When we’re not creating fictional worlds, we’re desperately trying to write better. And while there are many writer’s resources out there, it seems that there aren’t very many that are solely dedicated to improving skill set.

But what if that’s because some of the best resources are tucked away in unlikely places? Like maybe in magazine websites that aren’t dedicated specifically for writers!

Let’s check out three unlikely major resources that we’re sure can help out even the most seasoned professionals.


It might not sound like the right website for writers, but you’d be surprised at what Forbes can offer. More specifically, their writing articles. For instance, “7 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Writing Skills For Your Blog,” details things like not getting distracted and developing your own style of writing, rather than trying to be like another blogger. These are tips you can use regardless of what type of writer you are.

There are also other articles, like “Why the Traditional Rules of Writing Still Matter: 5 Content Creation Tips,” and “Reading More Is The Secret to Writing Better.”

A Guide to Writing Well

Joshua Sowin is the co-founder and VP of Design and Marketing at SelectHub. He writes helpful articles and provides recommended reading for writers. His guide called A Guide to Writing Well, is ideal for anyone trying to write better.

He provides tips like what to do before you start writing, and general principles to follow, like being yourself, being clear, deciding how to address the readers and how to prevent over-explaining.

If these tips sound too elementary for you, as an established writer, remember: going back to the basics is essential. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to revisit what you may have forgotten along the way.

Smashing Magazine

Founded back in September of 2006, Smashing Magazine is geared toward web designers and developers, but they are full of helpful surprises for writers too. Mainly their article “50 Free Resources That Will Improve Your Writing Skills.” They’ve included free grammar tools, resources that help general writing skills, copywriting resources, and more.

Honestly, this is one of the best resources out there for writers who want to improve, simply because it’s thorough and free. And it’s ideal for any type of writing! It can’t get better than this.


You can make your writing better, regardless of how long you’ve actually been a writer. Time is irrelevant in creative pursuits, because there’s always something you could improve on. The trick to getting better is to look in unlikely places, not just the expected ones. There are plenty of free resources out there in websites and magazines dedicated to other types of professionals. After all, writing is universal! Everyone benefits from better writing skills.

So, next time you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, don’t be afraid to pull up Forbes, A Guide to Writing Well, or Smashing Magazine. Copywriters, bloggers, and writers of quite possibly everything can all benefit from these free resources.

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