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Popular Books Published By The Big Four

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Big Four Overview

HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Hachette and Penguin Random House, better known as “the big four,” are the caviar of publishers. Authors who publish with them may still not have boatloads of money (depending on how many books they publish in a year), but they certainly have prestige. It got us wondering, what are some of the most popular books published by the big four?

Books By Year, And Publisher, The Big Four - Literative

The infographic above is incomplete, as there is no possible way to list all of these books in a single chart. However, we’ve narrowed the books down to some of the most iconic books published by each of these authors, then organized them by year. This helps kind of gague the types of books these publishers put out, and the ones that really get noticed by readers.


The following is a list of sites containing a comprehensive list of books by each of the big four publishers:

  1. Simon & Schuster
  2. HarperCollins
  3. Hachette
  4. Penguin Random House

Ways to Use the Information from The Big Four

As an author, this information comes in handy. Each publisher enjoys specific types of books. This is why authors need to research publishers prior to pitching their manuscripts. The higher the potential interest in your type of book, the higher the chance of getting published.

As a student, this is critical information when considering a career as an author, publisher, book editor, etc. Even editorial assistants in the making can benefit from this, as it helps them learn about the big four publishers.


The big four publishers are no joke. They’re the prize every author, even the most indie-proud, wants to secretly work with. The prestige alone can make a career. So, by first understanding the types of books they like to publish, authors can better gauge if their book would do well. Nothing wrong with doing a little research!

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