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The Literary Salon: A Podcast for writers

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Damian Barr knows what’s important to bookworms and writers: literature! That’s probably why Barr decided on the glamorous podcast, The Literary Salon. There are plenty of podcasts that aim to improve your writing by listing techniques, but there are never enough podcasts where you can listen to writers do what they do best: share their work with the world.

Bringing back some long-lost nostalgia about the fancier side of being a writer, he focuses on the simple process of listening to people do what they do best and letting others share in the experience.

What Does The Literary Salon Cover?

In a nutshell, Damian Barr’s addicting podcast focuses on guest authors who read their work for the listeners. The latest and greatest works out there, all read from their respective authors and all with the push of a button on your iPad, phone, or computer! Authors that have been featured include Jojo Moyes, Bret Easton Ellis, and John Waters.

You might be wondering, however, if the name is indicative of anything, or if it’s just a quirky podcast title. The best part about it is that it’s named after the ambiance the podcast is recorded with. Barr and the authors sit and read in glamorous locations, like proper writers of the days of yore. The glam, the literature reading, Barr, and a live audience sitting quietly, taking it all in.

How Can The Literary Salon Help You?

Learning Through Entertainment

If you don’t know by now, the worst thing a writer can do, apart from never writing, is never reading. Not only is it a form of entertainment, just like watching a movie, but it’s a way to keep fresh. Writers can learn techniques from other writers, find those sparkling moments that stand out more than others, and alter them to fit their own style. Keeping fresh is important in the writing industry, where competition abounds.

The Mental Break You Need

Often times, writers take on heavy workloads. Articles, novels, scripts, blogs, etc. There is always so much to do, that it becomes easy to get a little overwhelmed. Taking a break is a must, or else you run the risk of getting burnt out.

The great thing about The Literary Salon is that it provides that mental break that you want and need. Just hearing another writer read his/her work is enough to inspire and entertain, allowing you to finally take that mental break that could rejuvenate your outlook.

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If you’ve been missing the glamorous days of being a writer, The Literary Salon is the perfect way to bring that sense of yore back. As a listener, you’re thrown into the world of the author at hand, reading their work out loud for Barr, a live audience, and you. The glamorous locations and the relaxation that comes with being read to is a tough feeling to beat.

If you want to learn more about the podcast, check out the website. And don’t forget to listen to it on iTunes—all episodes are free.

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