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If you want to have a professional look to your ebook, then you’ll want a book cover design that not only sends a message about your book’s topic of theme, but, more importantly, a book cover design that looks professional. After all, though you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; most people will pass over a book cover with bad artwork.

Where to get professional book cover design work

Free book cover art
Why this is good for self published authors: We believe Canva is good for your book’s cover art because it is free and the tool can be used to create other graphics that can be used in marketing your book.

book cover design at a low cost

Why this is good for self published authors: The benefit to this service is that you get more than a book cover design. For a few hundred dollars you not only get a professional cover for your novel you also get unlimited changes and 3d mock ups.

Get a book cover design with book formatting

If you’re looking to have all your needs met in one place, then this service will not only create the book cover design, but also format your writing — which is a great time saver and will help you get your next novel started sooner!

Our favorite book cover design solution

Self Pub Book Covers
This website is great! They claim to be “The LARGEST SELECTION of pre-made,
professionally designed book covers in the WORLD!” .. and it is true. For just around $70 you get to choose from TONS of premade layout options. It is as simple picking a design that has characters or themes similar to your story and.. you’ve got yourself a book cover design.. fast!

For more about how to make your book look professional read the article from Nina Pierce.

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