Book Talk: New Year’s Reads for January

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Ah, New Year’s. The time of year when everyone reflects on the last twelve months and wonders if they could turn things around in the next twelve. It has become a bit of a joke, hasn’t it? Resolutions people make on New Year’s rarely get kept. More often than not, diets get broken the first 2 months in, if not weeks.

So this year, we propose something a little different: a tbr pile to help entertain, guide and inspire, to motivate and create a better year. Whoever overlooked books as a valuable source of life-changing information probably regretted it.

Books to Read Before They’re 2017 Movies

Books That Motivate

YA Releases of January 2017

Books That Inspire


New Year’s is filled with fireworks, clocks, drinks, and cheer. Men propose to their girlfriends. Women take on their dreams year after year. But in the end, for the most part, people make resolutions they just don’t keep. Wishing upon a star, and proclaiming you’ll make changes isn’t enough to go through with those life-altering behaviors. No, people just need a really good reading list.

Believe it or not, a reading list can make all the difference between new year’s resolutions, and fruitful life changes. By seeking books that entertain, you give your mind a chance to recover from productivity, and even influence it to be more creative. By focusing on books that promote change and self-help, you line up the perfect guide towards goals and achievement.

Won’t you make this the year of changes?

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