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This week we had the opportunity to interview multi-genre author, N.A. Shoemaker. Born in Pennsylvania, he is a five time Summer Indie Book Awards nominee. Apart from being very talented, and the author of five books available for purchase now, he also took the crown for being the most friendly author we’ve had a chance to interview.

Here’s what he had to say.


You began writing at the age of ten. How did that occur? What drew you to writing?
I started writing then thanks to a school project. We received a blank, hardcover book, in which we [were] to write and illustrate our own fictional (or non-fictional) story. I still have the original book. That was the story titled, “The Magic Gem.”
There is a medical condition that draws you to inspire your readers. What message are you trying to convey?
I have two brain cysts; one in the right temporal lobe, and one in the cerebellum. They sometimes make (mental) life difficult. Sometimes they also affect my motor skills. There’s time while drawing I will start having muscle spasms in my fingers and hands. The message that I am trying to get out there is, “Just because something may be ‘wrong’ with you, it doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. It doesn’t mean that YOU can’t make a difference.”


You’re a five- time SUMMER INDIE BOOK AWARDS nominee. How does that happen, do you submit your work to competitions, or do they select you?
I became a SUMMER INDIE BOOK AWARDS nominee thanks to unknown person(s). I never was able to find out who nominated me, nor did they come forth. Book 1 of the YA horror series was nominated twice, book 2 once, The Magic Gem once, and my adult romance, Inhibitions, once as well.


The Writing

Could you tell us more about your Nightmares in the Dark series? What is it about?
It is a series that I was actually inspired to write by one of my favorite authors, R.L. Stine. Book 1 “Bears of Glass” is about a boy, Ryan (13 y.o.), who is having a horrific recurring nightmare. At least he thinks that’s what it is…until it begins to manifest into his reality. Book 2 “Let the Shadows Play” is about a girl (14 y.o.), Layla. Her and her mother lose so much in a tragic turn of events, to the point of needing to leave town and move away from the misery. There she learns about the town’s “little secret”…and her father’s.
Where do you get your inspiration to write?
So far all of the stories have been based off of my very own nightmares, but with a story-line and an even bigger plot.
What would you say is the toughest part of story creation?
From my own perspective, I would have to say character and/or world building for me.


What are you working on now? When can readers expect to hear more from you?
I am working on a multitude of projects at the moment. My newest release is, “The Many Adventures of Mason: The Hyper-Nap Collection.” That is a  children’s/middle-grade sci-fi fantasy book. Here are my latest works in progress: book #3 to the N.I.T.D. YA horror series, a dystopian novel with my fiancée Amber Duch called “The Black Flare,” a comic book script “Bleeding Skies,” a dark fantasy with Belinda Reyes “The Everland Heirs,” and book #2’s manuscript to an unpublished children’s picture book series “Discovering With Ryla.” I will be posting updates on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WordPress. Going to be posting frequently to all of them so everyone has the chance to stay up to date.

Parting Words

We have a large aspiring writer audience. What’s some advice you’d like to share with them?
This is something I put at the end of every one of my books. [If I could say anything to aspiring authors/writers it would be, “Write what you know, to create the world you do not.” -N.A. Shoemaker]
Where can readers find your books? 
Readers can find my books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Scribd, and Smashwords. They’re available on B&N and Amazon in paperback as well as e-book.
Any links you’d like to share, like Twitter, or an author website?
Here are all the links in which I can be reached at:
Twitter: @authorhex
WordPress (website): can subscribe to updates by email.
LinkedIn: N.A. Shoemaker

In Closing

N.A. Shoemaker is by far, the most friendly and helpful author we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. For that, and for taking the time to answer our questions, we’d like to thank him!

If you’re interested in reading Shoemaker’s novels, remember to purchase them from the stores he mentioned. And follow him online for more updates! There’s many projects to look forward to!

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