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I think all authors have, at one point in time, wanted to be able to do a little more with their e-books. Regarding the future of e-books, the limits on formatting for some of the biggest distributors, like Amazon, have produced books that feel a little generic. Which is unfortunate, because aesthetics can add atmosphere and drama to a story. Just ask any typographer and they’ll expound on the virtue of having the right font.

But what if we could do even more then just play around with fonts? What if we could push e-books to the “bleeding edge” as one author calls it.

KD Rose, author of The Brevity of Twitcalls for technology pioneers to push the envelope when it comes to e-book technology. She envisions a world that’s more interactive, more integrable, and more customizable.

What do you think? Can we push a little further to take e-books to the next level?


Check out her full post on the subject and tell us what you want the future to look like!

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